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6/6 winners on the PPM service made +£955.67 profit over 2-days on the 4th & 5th November 2022!

5th November 2022 (3/3) +£278.33

05/11/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 13:50 Wincanton - Frodon 3/4 - WON @ 5/6 (+£83.33)

05/11/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 15:30 Chelmsford - Dee See Are 4/5 - WON @ 4/5(+£80.00)

05/11/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - WON (+£115.00)

4th November 2022 (3/3) +£677.34

04/11/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 13:05 Fontwell - Alexandra Romanov 7/5 - WON @ 13/8 (+£162.50)

04/11/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 13:58 Hexham - Quickasican 2/1 - WON @ 15/8 (+£187.50)

04/11/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - WON (+£327.34)

+£955.67 In Only TWO-Days Winning 6/6 Selections

This specialised service can make you £1,000's each month.

The most absolute and risk-free betting method continues to churn profit week after week. The ONLY service that pays out the same as a WINNER even when your horse finishes 3rd!!*

What I am about to show you will change the way you bet for the better

This simple-to-use strategy will quadruple your chances of winning DAILY and with my tried and tested staking rule, you'll be seeing a lot more profit in your account.

£724.44 profit since 20th December from only 7-days of racing winning 16/21 bets

This service WILL change the way you bet for the better!

You can already see just how consistent this strategy is and the best part is literally ANYONE can profit from the Place Market.

It's a market designed for the sensible punter, the punter who doesn't gamble, but makes sensible calculations on the realistic probability on just how good a horses chances of winning really are.

If making solid, steady profit sounds like something you would be interested in then THIS IS YOUR SERVICE!

However, if you prefer to hit those big priced winners once a month or prefer your 10-fold accumulators then this is NOT for you.

The greedy gambler is an impatient species and doesn't see the glamour in steady profit, but let me tell you this, while there are 'hare' gamblers out there willing to take up the bookies on their ridiculous odds, then there will always be a place for the 'tortoise' punters who just like in the fable, will always win overall.

14/18 winners on our PPM service made +£941.22 profit over 6-day period at the end of September 2022!

27th September 2022 (3/3) +£407.55

27/09/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 15:45 Cork - Georgeville 11/10 - WON @ 5/6 (+£70.83)

27/09/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 17:00 Wolverhampton - Mumcat 51/20 - WON @ 13/8 (+£162.50)

27/09/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - WON (+£174.22)

We Made £407.55 On the 27th September 2022

26th September 2022 (1/3) -£102.00

26/09/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 15:58 Hamilton - Temper Trap 2/1 - LOST (-£100)

26/09/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 17:30 Down Royal - Fennor Cross 17/20 - WON @ 8/15 (+£48.00)

26/09/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - LOST (-£50)

25th September 2022 (3/3) +£191.67 profit

25/09/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 13:40 Epsom - Daydream Dancer 11/20 - WON @ 1/2 (+£50.00)

25/09/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 14:24 Yarmouth - Knight 4/5 - WON @ 4/6 (+£66.67)

25/09/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - WON (+£75.00)

We Made £191.67 On the 25th September 2022

24th September 2022 (3/3) +£301.67 profit

24/09/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 13:43 Market Rasen - Nifty Getaway 2/1 - WON @ 4/6 (+£66.67)

24/09/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 15:55 Curragh - Curraheen Princess 21/20 - WON @ 11/10 (+£110.00)

24/09/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - WON (+£125.00)

We Made £301.67 On the 24th September 2022

23rd September 2022 (1/3) -£104.67

23/09/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 16:45 Newmarket - Without A Fight 7/5 - WON @ 8/15 (+£45.33)

23/09/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 20:00 Dundalk - Lady Of Luxury 1/2 - LOST (-£100)

23/09/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - LOST (-£50)

22nd September 2022 (3/3) +£247.00 profit

22/09/2022 - PPM BET 1/3 - 16:50 Southwell - Masqool 4/5 - WON @ 1/1 (+£40.00)

22/09/2022 - PPM BET 2/3 - 20:30 Southwell - Haven Lady 37/20 - WON @ 11/10 (+£110.00)

22/09/2022 - PPM BET 3/3 - Double - WON (+£97.00)

We Made £247.00 On the 25th September 2022

+£941.22 In Only 6-Days Winning 14/18 Selections

A PLACE Service Is Only As Good As The People In It

This is the first service that can actually stand up to the claims it makes and with a 73% strike rate, it won't take long for you to start seeing the results for yourself!

Join me in what has become the most CONSISTENT racing service of the last decade and start growing your wealth today.

Less Than 15% Of Punters Use The Place Market

I find it remarkable that such a profitable market is missed out on by 85% of bettors - especially when ALL major bookmakers offer bets on this lucrative market.

Many are unaware it exists and have no idea how, using the right strategy this incredible opportunity could have them effortlessly clearing over £2,000 in profit every month!

Here's What We Deliver:

Delivered direct to your inbox each day

Around 73% proven strike rate

3.75 odds average

3 tips per day (2x singles, 1x double)

Bonus Saturday & Festival selections

All you need to do is follow my email every morning and bet to level stakes on each horse to win to make a solid profit each and every month.

Check out just a handful of member feedback sent in;

And here's some of the more recent feedback sent in;

You can work with my selections at any bookmaker that allows PLACED betting and its a simple copy and paste process to follow each day.

If you sign up today you will get TWO exclusive bonuses

Bonus 1/2

Bonus 2/2

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much money do I need to invest everyday?

Answer: You can start with as little as £0.10 per bet using bookmakers that accept PLACE betting like Betfair.

Q2. How much time do I need to spend each day using this service?

Answer: The Place Profit Masters selections are sent to you every day via email, just open your inbox and place the bets sent everyday. It takes no more than a few minutes to place the bets every day. 

Q3. Will I win every day?

Answer: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win everyday. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods with less winners. As we focus on well-priced horses, we tend to always end each month with a profit and some months a substantial profit.

Q4. How many selections does Place Profit Masters provide each day?

Answer: Place Profit Masters will send you 3 selections on a daily basis. You will receive 2x singles and 1x double on a daily basis.

Q5. What about Customer Support?

Answer: The Place Profit Masters dedicated customer support team will be at your beck and call. Just send in an email into with your query, and you will be answered asap or within 12-24 hours.


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"My billing statement will show a charge from ClickNetPro LTD, If I take any of the subscription options I can cancel the service at any time"


There’s no point in me making all this profit then keeping it all to myself.

If indecision is the only things holding you back right now, then do what my members have done.

Just make the decision, then get to it!

If you have any questions please contact me on

All the best,

Carl Murray -

P.S. If you’re still on the fence, think about this. In a few days time, you could start to see the success of a new profitable betting service in your tipster portfolio instead of waiting on the sidelines and missing out.


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